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No registration necessary!  Simply come and have some fun!!


Thursday, July 26  - MDB

Monday, July 30  -  Coach Hodges

Tuesday, August 7  -  MDB

Tuesday, August 14    - MDB - (BURNSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL A14)

Wednesday, August 22  - Coach Hodges

Tuesday, August 28   -  MDB  (BURNSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL A14)

Thursday, Sept 6 -  MDB 

    Monday, Sept 10  -   MDB


Shot Club

Shot club officially starts on June 1ST     ………..KEEP SHOOTING!! ………..

Encourage your daughter to shoot this summer for an opportunity for free registration in the 2017-2018 basketball season!!   (For every 1,000 shots make your name will be put in a drawing for free registration!)

Simply email   at the end of June, July and August with the number of made shots each month.




Minnesota Developmental Basketball (MDB)

 Spring/Summer Training Options for Burnsville Girls Travel Basketball Players

Private & Buddy Lessons

Cost: Free. Each player is eligible to schedule

Buddy lessons at MDB.

Private Lessons are 1-on-1 lessons with a MDB coach.

Buddy Lessons are 2-4 players training with a

MDB coach.

Most efficient use of the FREE lessons is to find 1-3 other players to form a group to train together this summer!  The more players you include in your group, the more sessions everyone will get.  Each session is only charged to 1 player.

Please contact Alison to schedule your daughter's FREE lessons today!! 


****Important Dates****

*Lynx Game:  Sunday, August 12 

Come represent Burnsville Girls Basketball and participate in a high five tunnel during the pregame warmup! 

Link to purchase tickets

http://www.lynxbasketball.com/groupoffers  /  promocode: BurnsvilleGirls


*Leadership Program: Saturday, October 13



Please let us know if you have any questions.





** Youth sports are for the kids **