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A great season for the books!  We’re hoping to keep the girls shooting and playing over the summer.  The more the girls touch the basketball, the more their skills will improve. 


Shot Club

Shot club officially starts June 1st, but don’t wait to start shooting!   If your daughter did not sign up at the banquet, please send an email to burnsvillegtb@gmail.com.


Each player has 2 buddy lessons free of charge through MDB.  Find 1-3 other players and continue to work on your skills this summer!  The more players you include in your group, the more sessions everyone will get.  Each session is only charged to one player.  Contact MDB at 952-346-8866 or   to schedule your lesson. 

Summer Camps/Clinics

There are many camps offered for girls over the summer and I’m sure they are all great.  The attached form has just a few clinics and camps offered.  We do not endorse any over another, simply giving you a place to start if you are looking to continue to play.  The only camp we do encourage is the camp run at the Burnsville High School.  Once details have been published, we will let you know so you can put it on your calendars. 

3 v 3 Opportunities

MYAS 3v3 (Fall will be at Burnsville High School) –MYAS


Lynx Game


Mark your calendars for the Lynx game on August 3rd.  The girls will be on the floor for the pre-game to give the Lynx players high fives when entering the court.  We will send out a link to purchase tickets ($20/ticket) this summer. 


If you know of any upcoming 4th graders, please encourage them to consider Traveling Basketball next year!! 

Have a wonderful summer and see you next season!



Please let us know if you have any questions.




** Youth sports are for the kids **